Our Story



We, Pam and Vlady Figueroa, are the co-founders of SNGT, a family business whose main objective is to protect vulnerable people with speech or non-verbal communication disabilities in case they get lost.
As parents of a child with Autism, we lived every day with the fear that he would get lost, we knew that our son, Clemente, lacked the ability to communicate verbally and would not be able to tell anyone his name or answer basic questions about his family. As we feared, at the age of three Clemente went missing and after this experience, our need to find an immediate solution led us to look for ways to prevent this from happening again. We began researching what products were on the market that could help us identify our son in the event of a repeat of this incident. We found limited resources that were not effective. We tried everything we could find and more! Pendants, bracelets, identification cards (he left them in his pocket), stickers stuck on his T-shirt with his name and phone number, we hid a GPS in his clothes, among many other things, but nothing worked. Everything bothered Clemente and he ended up taking it off.

 After years of unsuccessful attempts, we came up with the idea of using clothes as a means of identification and communication without causing any inconvenience or discomfort to Clemente. We thought, what better way to connect with our son than by using matching t-shirts as a form of awareness, identification and reunification, thus, Special Needs Graphic Tees was born! A place where we share what worked for us and gave us the peace of mind to enjoy being away from home with our son, knowing that wherever we walk, the people around us will also be part of our reality, helping us to find our son in case he is lost, but also, showing the world that like him, there are hundreds of people around us who need to be seen, heard and respected, because they are different, not less!